100% Almond Powder 350 gr





100% Almond Flour

– Oneva Almond Flour is one of the flour varieties with an extremely high vegetable protein value. Almond flour, which is also a source of calcium and iron, is a good alternative for those sensitive to gluten.

-30 g of almond flour can meet 35% of the daily need for vitamins B and E.

Almond flour, which is the popular product of the diet list, helps you control weight by keeping you full with its low carbohydrate, rich fiber and fat structure.

It keeps the blood sugar in balance and ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system.

The resulting product;

100% natural
Rich in fiber and protein
Contains 45.7% protein
Contains 16.0% fiber
Contains 4.8% crude cellulose
gluten free
No additives or preservatives
Chemical and heat treatment not applied

Oneva also offers all these special values in highly protected and safe glass jars.

Origin: Türkiye

Warnings: Store in a cool and dry place.

Usage Information:

It can be used in all products using flour.
You can mix it with other types of flour

Our product in the range of 60-80 microns will provide you with a homogeneous mixture and ease of use in targeted nutrition culture and in all the forms of use.