Social Responsibility Policy

As Neva Gıda, to support social, environmental and economic problems with a sense of social responsibility; to respect the rights and freedoms of employees; not to discriminate against people based on language, religion, race, color, gender and social class; ensuring occupational health and safety; to prevent environmental pollution and to determine environmentally friendly policies and standards for the protection of nature; We undertake to comply with all legal obligations in social responsibility practices.

As Neva Gıda, we are committed to avoiding unethical behavior, promoting a culture of honesty and accountability, shaping our activities with the principle of being an open and transparent institution, continuing our activities within the framework of human rights and global principles, and respecting international norms of behavior.

Within the scope of our understanding of social responsibility, we undertake to act with the awareness of respecting and valuing our customers and suppliers, together with our employees, as one of our constant elements.