Return Policy

If the product you have  purchased from our E-Commerce Site is not defective or defective, no exchange or return can be requested . The consumer has the right to return the defective and defective products within 7 days without any service charge. reserves the right to change its prices. Prices may be subject to momentary changes depending on market conditions. Our company cannot be put under any obligation due to increasing or decreasing prices.
Our company cannot be held responsible for a user error specified in the user manual or a system that does not exist in the product standards, and no exchange or return can be requested.
If the product you have purchased has been delivered to you via the cargo company, you should open the product without damaging the package and take it after checking it. If there is a defect or damage to the product during the shipment, you should keep a report to the cargo officer. Our company cannot be held responsible for the problems that may occur by the Cargo Company.
For the return of the product that meets the return conditions, please apply to the sales representatives of our company with the gifts, invoice (return invoice), warranty certificate and collection receipt, if any.
If the invoice of the product to be returned belongs to the institution, the institution must issue a return invoice for product return.
All kinds of cargo etc. related to the product subject to the return process. Fees belong to the consumer.
If the necessary conditions are met after the product is checked, the product exchange will be followed by the relevant department or the payment refund will be followed by the accounting department.